a Novelpage Productions & Banshee productions film

Written & directed by sabina sattar

produced by gladys san juan, monica kocian & sabina sattar

A Young Man falls in love with a Young Woman who callously rejects his babbling invitation to go out with him until he realises that she is in fact deaf and mute. Undaunted, the Young Man creatively comes up with a way to communicate his feelings and so win his fair lady’s heart...


Director of Photography: Damian Paul Daniel

Editor: Michael McHugh

Casting Director: Ash Maharaj
Sound Recordist: Ray Littleton

Focus Puller: Warren Markert
Camera Assistant: Paul Branson
Script Supervisor: Joanna Ebuwa

Make-Up & Costume: Noella Daniel

Flower Photographs: Martin Poetz, Monica Kocian &
                              Miluse Kocianova

Production Assistants: Katherine Longhi,
                                Ravi Sandhu & Ava Daniel

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Length: 8:20 mins