Writer & Director: Aldo Paternostro

Producer & Co-Writer: Sabina Sattar

Genre: Drama

Length: 12 minutes
Starring: Ian Targett & Marise Alvarez

Story: Richard is going through a midlife crisis; emotionally adrift. One day Richard decides to leave his wife Rachel for Elisa, his younger mistress with the idea of starting a new romantic life with her. But his surprise arrival at Elisa’s doorstep elicits an initial reaction from her that is not what Richard is expecting. When Elisa’s little boy runs away from Richard in a London neighbourhood, he finds himself facing reality in a very unexpected way.

Festival Screenings


2009 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival - Winner  of the President
                                                                               Award for Best Short
Official Selection
2010 Cartagena International Film Festival 
2010 Discovering Latin America Film Festival

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